Crane Katana - 5160 Blade

Crane Katana - 5160 Blade

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The Crane 5160 Sword by Bugei is an elegant and aggressive cutting sword at a very reasonable price. The Crane tapers more towards the tip than our heavier *feeling* Samurai model. The Crane 5160 cutting sword is forged out of 5160 steel and is through hardened. The tsuba, guard, is a pierced crane style and quite beautiful. The Crane symbolizes wisdom and longevity. The menuki are a younger and an older scholar/sage. The meaning is this, a man of wisdom and integrity would be long in the service of his lord, usually surviving one lord to serve the next generation, thus the analogy with the Crane, wisdom and longevity. This sword will serve well those who want a faster blade for iaido and yet still want a blade that has the strength for serious cutting.

Our goal was to reduce production cost as much as possible while maintaining the classic good looks of the original mounts. There is no hamon and no hada (folding pattern) in the tough 5160 steel but these swords can cut and take abuse at the same time. So each sword can sit proudly on a sword stand but also be a daily working sword in the dojo.


  • Crane 5160 Cutting Katana Sword Measurements
  • Motohaba 32.6mm
  • Kasone (at Machi) 8.1mm
  • Sakihaba (at Yokote) 22.3mm
  • Sakikasane 6.4mm
  • Kissaki length 36.5mm

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