Samurai Katana
Samurai Katana

Samurai Katana

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The Samurai Katana is the strongest and best performing Japanese style blade ever offered at this price. The use of Swedish powdered steel, used in the construction of these shinogi zukuri katana, results in outstanding quality and performance. Strength, edge holding, and beauty have all been significantly enhanced by the use of this steel along with the complex folding process. The thicker, robust blade with ample niku ("meat") evidences a gunome style hamon and a dramatic ayasugi-hada with mokume and masame.

The tsuba is steel and engraved with a Samurai drawing his sword.

The fuchi and kashira also feature Samurai drawing and cutting engraved in them. The forging process for this sword can be seen on our website. Each of these blades is individually hand forged and folded, heat treated, and mounted. Even with these design parameters 4each sword is unique. Performance testing has shown them to be strong cutting blades with a good resistance to deflection. James cut cleanly through a 12 mat roll at the Bugei Open House with the Samurai style blade. The nakago are 10 inches with two mekugi. This provides for strength and safety while cutting. These swords are also available with 11 inch up to 15 inch tsuka. The saya and the premium Japanese cotton tsuka ito are black.

General Blade Specifications (remember each sword is hand forged so there is always minor variation): Motohaba is 1 1/4 inch, Sakihaba is 1 inch, Torisori is 7/8 inch, Hamon is in Gyaku Choji style, and the kissaki is 1 3/4 inches.

Blade Steel: ASSAB K120c
Hrc Edge: 59
Hrc Back: 45-48

Item ID Blade Steel Weight without Saya (Sheath) Overall Length Nagasa (Blade) Length Tsuka (Handle) Length Kasane (Thickness at Habaki) Sakikasane (Thickness at Tip) Motohaba (Width of Blade at Habaki) Sakihaba (Edge to back at Yakote) Sori
SW14341 K120C 29.5" 15"
SW14342 K120C 3lb 3oz 43 3/4" 28.5" 14" 8.5mm 6.9mm 32.7mm 24.9mm 3/4"
SW14343 K120C 3lb 2oz 41 1/2" 27.5" 13" 7.9mm 3.1mm 31.1mm 23.7mm 3/4"
SW14344 K120C 2lb 13oz 40" 27.5" 11" 7.6mm 6.4mm 31.7mm 24.6mm 3/4"
SW14345 K120C 3lb 1oz 41" 28.5" 11" 8.5mm 6.7mm 32.9mm 25.1mm 3/4"