Dragonfly Katana - 5160 Steel Blade

Dragonfly Katana - 5160 Steel Blade

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Our goal was to reduce production cost as much as possible while maintaining the classic good looks of the original mounts. There is no hamon and no hada (folding pattern) in the tough 5160 steel but these swords can cut and take abuse at the same time. So each sword can sit proudly on a sword stand but also be a daily working sword in the dojo.

Bigei Dragonfly Tsuba

All of our swords are tested extensively before they are put into production. We make sure that our swords perform as good as they look. The Dragonfly held a special significance to the Samurai. Their seemingly tireless movement reflected the Samurai’s desire to give tireless service to his feudal Lord.

The dark brown ito is set off by the black same making this a unique offering from Bugei. The lower shinogi and the scant hira-niku make this blade lighter and faster and gives it less resistance in cutting soft targets. The tsuka has the slight “waisting”, ryugo, that is popular with many who study Japanese sword arts. The fittings are beautifully antiqued duplicating the look of old iron. Ted Tenold is responsible for the design and authenticity of these fittings and we think that they are the best that we have offered.

Blade: 28.5"
Handle: 13"
Blade Steel: 5160
Hrc Edge: 59
Hrc Back: 45-48


Item ID Blade Steel Weight without Saya (Sheath) Overall Length Nagasa (Blade) Length Tsuka (Handle) Length Kasane (Thickness at Habaki) Sakikasane (Thickness at Tip) Motohaba (Width of Blade at Habaki) Sakihaba (Edge to back at Yakote) Sori
SW16140 5160 2lb 4oz 42 1/2" 28 1/2" 13" 7.4mm 5.1mm 1 1/4" 7/8" 1"