Dragonfly Tanto - Seconds

Dragonfly Tanto - Seconds

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Please NOTE: This listing is for a second quality (scratch & dent) sword. All second quality swords we sell are functionally up to standard but with cosmetic defects such as; blade rubs / scratches, dents / chips / scratches in saya finish, etc. Please see the photos above to see a representation of the issue. However the sword you receive may not be the one photoed above. Send us an email if you have any questions.

The Dragonfly Tanto is a great companion piece to the Dragonfly Katana. Made in the same tradition and high quality materials as the katana, this tanto performs in superior functionality and grace. The overall motif mirrors that of the katana and would make a beautiful addition for the collector or the practitioner.

The hamon (temper line) and hada (grain/layers) on this forged and folded steel tanto blade are prominent in the polish. The frontside of the blade features a slight hi (groove) while the back bears an ornate carving. A rain motif is etched in the habaki which ties together this subtle yet powerful tanto. 

Blade: 11"
Overall: 17 1/4"
Handle: 5 1/8"
Weight: 15 oz